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Reshape Doors Regards not only excellence and quality in production but also excellence and quality in response and customer service. Our service department is available to you at any time and our representatives will be happy to answer any question with interest, dedication, availability and courtesy. In addition, on the company’s website you can find a lot of information and later on we have collected answers for common questions.

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Sun – Fr  08:00 – 16:00

Phone: 08-6741000 extension 2

Order tracking app

The app allows you to track all orders made and receive a snapshot at any time in the order status and where all the products are located

Order process

Choosing the door
Get ready to fall in love with a rich variety of designer and luxurious entrance doors from Reshafim. You are invited to be impressed by the doors in our showrooms and on the company's website.
Measure the opening
About one week after completion of the order our customer service department will contact you to coordinate the measurement of the opening by a qualified and professional surveyor of Reshef.
Production process
Each door in Rishaf is custom made to the customer and according to the exact order. The production process takes up to 45 business days and will be coordinated for installation.
Upon completion of the production process, our customer service department will contact you to coordinate the installation. A qualified and professional installer will do the job and now you will enjoy a well-designed entrance door of Reshefim.

Customer Service Charter


Customer at the center

First and foremost, Reshefim is committed to the concept of “customer at the center”, which is well assimilated by all members of the company. From sales advisor in the showroom, through customer service personnel to all the various professionals (surveyors, installers, technicians, etc.). From this perspective, we are committed to providing you with an appropriate response in a fast, professional, reliable, courteous, efficient and efficient service.


Our service personnel regularly undergo professional training on the company’s products and provide customer service. This is to provide you, the customers, the best and most professional service. Reshef Doors trains employees and ensures that they demonstrate complete control over all aspects of the professional, operational, design and technical aspects of their products.

Integrity and reliability

Reshef doors are dedicated to maintaining integrity and reliability without question. We undertake to be transparent in front of the customer regarding ordering options, manufacturing processes and any question along the way. The company’s representatives accompany the customer from the moment he enters the showroom until after the door is installed in the house. Reshef’s entry doors meet the strictest standards and allow you to enjoy a quality and reliable product over the years.

About one week after placing the order and completing it with a sales representative, the customer service department contacts the customer to coordinate the arrival of the surveyor. Upon receipt of the measurements form and its signature by the customer, the order is transferred to the production department at the Reshefim plant in Ashkelon. The production process takes 45 business days and at the end of the installation is adjusted at the customer's home.
Resurfacing doors are not shelf products and the production process of the door takes 45 business days from the arrival of a surveyor on behalf of Dorot Reshefim. Since the collections of Reshape doors are varied, and the customer's choice is broad, it is recommended to start the process several months before and not wait for the "last minute".
Resistant doors are manufactured according to custom and customer needs. The process of manufacturing and supplying the door takes 45 business days from the date of measurement of the opening by a surveyor on behalf of Reshef Doors Company.
The doors of Reshafim Doors Company are custom-made and custom-made. As long as the door has not yet been reduced to production at the plant, changes to the order can be made subject to conditions. If the door has gone through production, orders can not be changed.

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